Traditional initials embroidery on fabric napkins

Le Stitch is on a mission, and a mission impossible by the way!!

Two weeks ago, Mister B asked me to stitch a present and to offer it to our friends who are getting married at the end of September.

Challenge accepted! oh yeah!! Le Stitch's first and only idea is to use traditional embroidery technique and embroider the couple's initials on a set of napkins. First get the napkins... checked: four of them. Then get the stitching tools out and start stitching, and stitch HARD... 

As time passed by, two weeks turned into days and now Le Stitch is facing reality... only two napkins have been completed!!! Oh well, no need to stress after all. I'll get to offer the other two napkins to celebrate the birth of ... their first born twins!!!


  1. What a remarkable idea for a wedding gift!

    Gardener's helper

  2. are these the napkins? lovely!
    kisses from Porto!