City break: Hampstead Heath, London, UK

Rain. Rain. Rain. 

Rain that never stops falling, temperatures that plummet to below 15C, the spirit has been at rock bottom for the past three weeks. 

Despite this, Le Stitch tries to motivate herself and continues to soothe her poor soul over the weekend. Let's put on the wellies and start exploring my new neighbourhood that is North London (yep I finally crossed the river after 7 years of living in London. Bye bye my dear sweet South West). 

Anyway, today Le Stitch takes you to Hampstead Heath, and more specifically to Perrin's Court (NW3). 

Perrin's Court is a very small street, very old-fashioned Britain with cosy tea houses. The street leads to a small indoor antiques market (and therefore dry, thank god for that).

Among the stalls there are two shops of great interest for the fervent embroiderer I am: one sells antique buttons and the other old quilts and fabrics. 

Le Stitch would recommends you to go there just for the fun of it. Forget buying anything there, unless your wallet is bigger than your feast !

Enjoy a brief overview in pictures...

Hampstead Antique and Craft Emporium - opening time and address

The Antique Textiles Company. More pictures on their website:
PS - great inspirational idea on how to recycle your old favourite mug.

Button shop owned by a nice, old lady


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