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I have recently hooked a basket for my ever-growing stash of wool, and wanted to share this tutorial with you.

Material :
- t-shirt yarn
- crochet hook (size 10 to 14, up to 15 according to the size of the yarn)
- stitch markers

I have bought the yarn from a Portuguese maker : Tek Tek, as I always to stay away from the big brand names. Besides the yarn is much nicer and also way cheaper :) 

The wooden hook was bought from Adzewoodcraft (Etsy). It's been made just for me, and it sure is a hook that is special to my heart.

After more than 8 failed attempt, I can honestly say that if your base is wonky, it means your tension is way too tight. 

I have found that Donna Wolfe's instructions and youtube videos were really helpful. 

The only changes I have made were:
- adding handles on the side.
- having a variations of stitches on the side from single to half-treble stitches. I have also stitched my singles on the outside to prevent the baskets to become a giant floppy frisbee. 

Note- Do not expect the basket to hold by itself. If it's not full with stuff inside, it will collapse as t.shirt yarn is flexible and elastic.