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My favourite winter jacket has suffered this season. The button at the right shoulder has popped out. No wonder here though as I was always caring my gigantic handbag on the same shoulder. 

My handbag is so big that I use it to carry my personal stuff, my toddler's stuff and my daily shopping. The button couldn't carry all the weight. Here was my look before the repair. That wasn't really glamorous. 

Here is the material you'll need: thread, needle, scissors, button. the ripped fabric is clearly visible on the left. 

First, you'll need to repair the torn fabric by sewing it back.

The end result is not the best looking but it's very hard to get a needle through parka fabric. It feels like a tent fabric covered in polymer.

But then when you fold the flap back you don't see it.

Then, it's time to get on with the button...

... that you'll sew on the area that has been sown back.

When you've done with sewing the button, don't forget to fold the thread between the button and the fabric in order to reinforce the thread. 

Finally, you should have something that looks like this (again not glamorous looking but it will be hidden by the flap).

and there it goes !