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Ebooks are amazing (sorry if I sound biased here... of course I am, after all I work in the publishing industry).

You can carry your ebook reader everywhere without feeling the weight of your entire library in your hand-bag. It is very practical, but it is also a fragile device that needs looking after. So to avoid any damages done to it, Le Stitch has come up with her personalised Kindle case. Easy to make in a couple of hours; crochet stitches are quite basic.

The yarn used in this project is Soir de Paris in DK superfine sustainable new merino, available in the shop here.

Kindle case

The case is made up of one long piece of crocheted fabric that is sewn on the side to create the pouch shape. Note the pattern is given using UK crochet terms: 2 trebles stitches (tr), 2 bobbles, 3 tr, 2 bobbles, 3 tr, 2 bobbles, 2 tr. Adapt the number of stitches number to fit the size of your ebook reader.
trebles and bobbles stitches to hook an ebook reader case

The closing flap does not require any locking system as its length, plus the weight of the yarn, made it easy to close by itself.
Last weekend I purchased some lovely fabric with a friend who asked me to make a pouch for her new mobile. "Challenge accepted my dear!"

A while ago, I made a bread bag (tutorial in French here). So in a way it would have been easy to simply adapt the measurements and follow the same technique. But and there's a big BUT, I've used my sewing machine... I'm very amateur level with this machine and to tell you the truth it took me over 2 hours to make two pouches. Why two you may ask? Well the first one is a mini version of the second. My first measurements might have been a tad too tight :)