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CLEARANCE - Only one 50g skein of dk sustainable merino wool.

£4.50 the skein. That's £2 off the usual price. 

To benefit from the 10% discount (excl. postage), email me directly (
Organic, extrafine, soft 100% merino yarn hand-dyed using non-toxic dyes. Variegated colour (cyan more greenish than blueish, purple going towards dark old pink). Perfect for kid or baby garments as the wool does not sting.

DK weight - A 50gm hank provides about 115m (125 yards) of yarn

Recommended needle size:
4 - 5mm (UK)
4 - 7mm (US)

Washing instructions:
Hand wash only at 40 degrees max. Use a mild detergent.
Reshape garments whilst damp. Dry flat.

Sustainable type of wool, meaning that the farms must ensure animals are well kept (e.g. no mulesing system) and the farming methods help protect the environment in the best possible manners.

Le Stich is proud to announce the opening of her new, and first ever, Etsy shop! You can also follow my colourful adventure on Instagram @cor_o_laine

Cor-O-Laine is the wool child of Le Stitch, a French indie dyer living in London, married to a Portuguese. Not surprising then that each wool is colour-designed with this combined heritage and culture in mind.

The idea of corolaine originated from a personal exasperation from mass-market wool providers. I was not happy never knowing where the wool came from, never satisfied with colour choices, and never having a clue what the dyeing process involved.

In response to that, I have developed my own range of wool, which I have personally selected from certified farms and suppliers. Each skein of wool has been dyed using environmental-friendly methods.

Cor (Portugal) : /ˈkoɾ/ 
     feminine noun (plural cores)
          colour (English)

O (English) : /ˈoʊ/
     contraption of 'of'

Laine (French) : /lɛn/
     feminine noun (plural laines)
          wool, yarn (English)

Cor-O-Laine, lit. translation: colour of wool or yarn colour.