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I have recently hooked a basket for my ever-growing stash of wool, and wanted to share this tutorial with you.

Material :
- t-shirt yarn
- crochet hook (size 10 to 14, up to 15 according to the size of the yarn)
- stitch markers

I have bought the yarn from a Portuguese maker : Tek Tek, as I always to stay away from the big brand names. Besides the yarn is much nicer and also way cheaper :) 

The wooden hook was bought from Adzewoodcraft (Etsy). It's been made just for me, and it sure is a hook that is special to my heart.

After more than 8 failed attempt, I can honestly say that if your base is wonky, it means your tension is way too tight. 

I have found that Donna Wolfe's instructions and youtube videos were really helpful. 

The only changes I have made were:
- adding handles on the side.
- having a variations of stitches on the side from single to half-treble stitches. I have also stitched my singles on the outside to prevent the baskets to become a giant floppy frisbee. 

Note- Do not expect the basket to hold by itself. If it's not full with stuff inside, it will collapse as t.shirt yarn is flexible and elastic.

Today is one of these days when I feel all 'saucisson' again, so I have decided to recycle my H&M stripy T.shirt (French people do own stripy tops, everybody knows that of course!).

I want to add my personal touch of 'ou la la!', replacing buttons, and stitching patterns in red here and there.

*** BEFORE ***

*** AFTER ***

What do think of my new, unique T.shirt? I should probably wear it tonight at the Halloween party. I'll be the evil French woman armed with her baguette and camembert, ready to march on the streets of London lol