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Recently, I have participated in a wool exchange on instagram (#fibershare), which made me discover weaving.

Let me explain.

I dye yarn, and the lot I sent to my wool pal (@sarahelizabethsphere based in Canada) only included wool hand dyed by me.

In my (relatively conventional) mind, I thought she was going to knit or crochet the yarn. Well I was pretty mistaken. Sarah used my wool to weave wall hangings and mobile baby (available in her Etsy shop).

Here are some pictures of her work (my wool is the chunky indigo / dark blue).

For some time, I have seen more and more weaved art on instagram. It seems that there is a new craze for this textile art that comes from the United States of the 1970s. When we see the bobo / hipster mood of the 2010s, it does not come as a surprise that this art has resurfaced.

Personally, I find it amazingly pretty but, having a practical mind and an allergic companion, I imagine the dust that must amalgamate and, just for that, I do not see myself weaving or putting a weaved wall hanging at my house. What about you?