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CLEARANCE - Only one 50g skein of dk sustainable merino wool.

£4.50 the skein. That's £2 off the usual price. 

To benefit from the 10% discount (excl. postage), email me directly (
Organic, extrafine, soft 100% merino yarn hand-dyed using non-toxic dyes. Variegated colour (cyan more greenish than blueish, purple going towards dark old pink). Perfect for kid or baby garments as the wool does not sting.

DK weight - A 50gm hank provides about 115m (125 yards) of yarn

Recommended needle size:
4 - 5mm (UK)
4 - 7mm (US)

Washing instructions:
Hand wash only at 40 degrees max. Use a mild detergent.
Reshape garments whilst damp. Dry flat.

Sustainable type of wool, meaning that the farms must ensure animals are well kept (e.g. no mulesing system) and the farming methods help protect the environment in the best possible manners.

corolaine has released Soir de Paris, available on Etsy.

A new colourway that mixes very dark, almost black purple and old pink. A colourway reminiscent of Paris, and the Parisian grandes madames in particular. From the 1930-1940s to be a tad precise. Just like my granny who wore the Bourjois perfume named the same way.

The 50 gram skeins of organic pure wool are available in both llanwenog and merino.

llanwenog wool handdyed

merino wool handdyed

For more technical details, please visit the Etsy store. and if you wish to benefit from the 10% discount, email me directly (
Homemakery post order uncovered

About two years ago, when I started learning crochet, I looked to get yarn supplies in different shops and was never really happy 100%. Over months of intensive research, I finally set my heart on The Homemakery, an online (and independent) craft supplier.

Freebies: a card and some London riff-raff

And the reason for this is simple. I am terrible when it comes to choosing colour combinations for a crochet project. The Homemakery offers you packs of yarn with pre-selected colour combo and I love  every single one of them!

I got the Classic Cath - RICO creative cotton aran pack.

Classic Cath - RICO creative cotton aran pack

Granny square crochet made with the Classic Cath - RICO creative cotton aran pack

Other pluses to mention:
- the quality of the yarn is superior to any I saw in the shop for a very affordable price,
- your order comes with an unexpected little freebie
- you help an independent shop (rather than the megamen)

Go on... have a look at their website. It's a pleasure for the eye (and the wallet!)
I came across a very sweet scene when I was in Portugal back in December 2015. 

Someone took the time and labour to cover a tree with crochet squares and laces. The result was simply gorgeous. 

Tree in public space covered in crochet squares and laces

Hello folks,

Le Stitch is really slacking behind. Not only didn't I write a post for ages, but I also made nothing out of my needles and crochet hooks. So low is the desperation that Le Stitch's sister has come to the rescue and kindly offered to share some pictures of her latest knitting project: a kid sweater. Thanks, sis'! As always, you are a life safer, guarding angel xx

The knitting instructions are from Bergere de France, a very popular in ... you guess it ... France! The wools were bought in 2007 and originally belonged to my grandmother. 

Here are two pictures showing the back of the top