The summer holidays are upon. Time to head to the seaside and, who knows, we might just as well found Ponyo there.

10 colours in use (numbers can be reduced) - 47 stitches over 45 stitches

This stitch is commonly sewn separate from the main embroidery motif. As its name indicates, the stitch is reminiscent of a wheat sheaf.

First work three straight stitches (tutorial for the straight stitch is available here) ...

... Bring the thread in 7, between the three straight stitch, towards the middle of the second stitch. Do not let the needle go through the straight stitches.

Put the needle behind straight stitch 1on the left ...

...  then under straight stitch 3 on the right.

Pull the thread through in 7 again.

Take the needle to the back of the fabric and secure the stitch.

It's the season for ice creams! So here are some cool cross stitching charts about ice creams!!

A few months back I bought from the online UK shop tshirtyarnshop two large rolls of tshirt yarns of 800g each from the UK brand, Jolly Good Yarn:

I tend not to go for the original Hoooked Zpagetti as the colours do not speak to me, and I find the price slightly too expensive than other, more local, brands.

Anyway, As I started making my own rug, I quickly noticed that 2 rolls wouldn't be enough. I was lucky that, over the last 6 months, I have been accumulating 8 tshirts that we no longer wanted/needed (aka that no longer fitted due to shrinkage in the wash .... and absolutely not due to ballooning of the waistline, yeah right!!)

NOTE: You can also reclaim non-stretchy cotton fabric. This will add texture to your finish project.

I have found some easy and quick tutorials online, here is a short list to name a few:
Crafty blog (shows that you can use other fabric than tshirts)
makery website (photos are self explanatory)
Simply crochet mag

Then on to the rug pattern, which is rather basic (UK terms / back & forth / always draw the yarn through the back loop of the stitches):
A) chain 90 (or as many chains to reach the length desired), turn
B) leave 2 chains out, then double crochet (dc) in the 88 chains, turn
C) chain 1 (do not include it in your stitches), 88 dc, turn
--> repeat C) until you reach the width of your preference.

It's still a WIP as I'd like to increase the width by at least 5 more rows, but I quite like the result, not to mention the feeling under the toes is soooo sooooft.

5-ply guernsey for sale.

Worsted spun in Yorkshire from 100% pure British wool. Hand-dyed using non-toxic dyes. Rich and complex shades of earthy greens and natural darks.

£14.00 per 100g skein - To benefit from the 10% discount (excl. postage), email me directly (

Approx. tension: 32 stitches x 36 rows = 10 cm (4 ins) square using 2.5 needles

Washing instructions:
Hand wash only at 40 degrees max. Use a mild detergent.
Reshape garments whilst damp. Dry flat away from direct sunlight and heat. Can be steam press.

Sustainable type of wool, meaning that the farms must ensure animals are well kept (e.g. no mulesing system) and the farming methods help protect the environment in the best possible manners.

Le Stitch, Mr B. and the p'tit Bout went to visit Bruges, Belgium, last weekend. In-between beer and chips breaks, we managed to stroll around the beautiful city that has been made famous in the world for its delicate hand-made lace crochet.

This traditional art originated in the 16th century. It was passed from mother to daughter and was taught orally. The delicacy of the lace crochet grew in popularity and contributed to increase the wealth of the city.

Here is an incredible Youtube video showing you a lace-maker in action.  The speed is absolutely mind-blowing !!

You will find more details on the Kent Centrum website (the official museum of lace crocher in Bruges).

I warmly recommend that you visit the city. It is stunning despite the truck load of tourists coming round the clock and the Flemish welcome is not that warm.